Make sure your goods arrive safe and sound at your new home in Holland with our expert European packing service from Arrowpak International. Based in East Anglia, we have over 30 years of experience packing securely for your European moves. Whether you are changing the pace of your life to the country or the city, our friendly and reliabel European packing service and removals will ensure you start your new life surrounded by the things you love.

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At Arrowpak International, we are committed to making your removals to Holland as smooth as possible. Our European packing service will ensure you can transport any used personal effects and household goods to Holland providing VAT has been paid in the EU. You will need a detailed inventory of all items and a customs declaration form.
You can also transport cats and dogs to Holland, so long as they are at least 3 months old and have been vaccinated against Rabies within 21 days of moving. An EU pet Passport attesting valid rabies vaccination delivered by a Government-approved vet in the UK or local veterinary inspector is required, and our reliable European packing service team in East Anglia can give you advice on transporting and shipping other pets and animals to Holland.
When it comes to getting around, driving licences issued by an EU country are valid in Holland for an unlimited period (subject to their normal renewal date) providing there are no endorsements or suspensions, etc. Holders of non-European licences may drive for up to one year, again providing there are no endorsements, etc. After twelve months the Dutch theory and practical test will need to be passed to obtain a licence. Some countries have reciprocal arrangements to exchange licences for their Dutch equivalent. However, there may be restrictions or complications when importing cars and motorbikes; please check with Arrowpak International to ensure a speedy and secure service.
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