Whether you’re relocating to a major Canadian city or looking forward to spending time in the rural areas of Canada, Arrowpak International can help you and your belongings arrive there safely and in great condition. Although we are based in East Anglia, we have over 30 years of expertise assisting families, individuals and business in internationally moving to Canada.

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Personal and household effects can be imported without paying duty provided you have owned them for at least one year before arrival in Canada. Containers may be examined by Canadian customs at the port of entry. Our team at Arrowpak International, based in East Anglia, will provide you with the correct documentation and let you know current procedures for international moving. Pets Cats and dogs do not require a permit or a rabies vaccination to enter Canada, but do require a health certificate from your veterinary surgeon confirming that your pet is fit to travel.
Your will need to purchase adaptors for your appliances, as electrical current is 110 volts, 60Hz. American-style flat two-pin plugs and a third round grounding pin are standard.
In regards to vehicles, cars and motorcycles less than 15 years old must have been manufactured to meet safety standards of either the USA or Canada. Vehicles manufactured to meet other country standards or are more than 15 years old may not be imported. We at Arrowpak International in East Anglia will be happy to use our knowledge and expertise to answer any queries you may have regarding the export of vehicles to Canada. You may drive in Canada using your full UK licence for up to one year, following which you will need to take a driving test and obtain a Canadian licence.
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