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Moving to a new country is both exciting and nerve-wracking – if you are moving to Japan, trust in our global removers at Arrowpak International to make the transition an easy one for you.

We will assist in any way we can, from expertly packing your fragile goods to arranging transport for cars, motorbikes and even the family pet from our base in East Anglia.

Whether you’re moving to a major city or a location out of town, our experts have the local knowledge, contacts and skills to make sure your move goes smoothly and there are no delays or bureaucratic hiccups along the way.

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What you need to know about moving to Japan

Our global removers can transport household and personal effects, which are duty free providing they have been owned and used for longer than 12 months, and you have a visa valid for at least one year. Items must be imported within six months of your arrival. Our East Anglia team will provide you with the correct documentation, which you will need to complete before departure, in order to make the process run smoothly.

Pets may be taken to Japan provided the correct procedures are followed; please check with our global removers team at Arrowpak International for current details.

Electrical current is 100 volts, 60Hz in the west (Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima); 100 volts, 50Hz in eastern Japan (Tokyo, Sapporo, Yokohoma). Flat two and three-pin plugs are used.

Motor vehicles are subject to a 5% import tax and may need extensive modifications to meet Japanese regulations. It may be better to purchase a vehicle at the destination rather than ship one to Japan. UK licence holders may drive in Japan with an International Driving Permit (IDP) for a maximum of one year, following which a Japanese licence must be obtained. Public transport, particularly in the cities, is excellent and many Japanese people prefer to use it rather than drive their own car.

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