4 Reasons Why You Should Move to East Anglia

With house prices around Cambridge and Norfolk on the rise, anyone can see that the East Anglia property market is going through quite a busy time at the moment. Many removal companies are seeing more and more requests to move to the area, whether it’s from London or even other countries, wanting to find a better quality of life for them and their families. But what is it that’s bringing so many newcomers to the area, and is it the right place for you? Here are some reasons to consider a move to East Anglia.

1) Proximity to major cities

Cities such as London and Cambridge are among the least affordable in the UK, so people are looking further afield when they buy or rent a place. For example, those who work in Cambridge might want to look just over the border into Norfolk or Suffolk to get on the property ladder to get more for their money. Many removals are being carried out to towns such as King’s Lynn, which is less than an hour by train to Cambridge yet has many reasonably prices properties.

2) It’s family-friendly

There are lots of reasons why families love East Anglia.

  • Good schools – some areas have grammar schools and there are many independent schools in the area
  • Plenty to do – from the Norfolk and Suffolk coast to family days out, there’s year-round fun
  • Lots of fresh air – kids love recreation areas such as Rendlesham Forest
  • More space – with more affordable property prices, many families can move to houses with gardens and green spaces

A recent survey on the top places to raise a family included areas such as the Suffolk Coast, which includes Felixstowe and Framingham, and many house removals are carried out for families who want a fresh start in these areas.

3) Many big companies are moving here

When you move to a new area, the main concern we usually have is finding a job, and East Anglia is seeing many opportunities arise. Cambridge in particular is becoming popular for the technology and pharmaceutical sectors, while Peterborough is home to the head offices of many large organisations. Removal services are increasingly being carried out for people who have found jobs in East Anglia, which means you can enjoy living in the area without the big commute.

4) There’s something for everyone

Some people move to East Anglia for the quiet life, and there are certainly plenty of sleepy villages where you can live the simple life. But if you prefer city life, areas such as Norwich are up and coming, with great shopping and cultural attractions. Some people even use house removals & storage, which allows them to move into a short-term rental while they look for their dream home, getting a taste of the area they’ve chosen.

For removals in the East Anglia area, as well as the UK, Europe and around the world, simply contact Arrowpak on 01842 812165, or e-mail sales@arrowpak.co.uk to find out more.

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