Top Reasons Why Students Should Use Storage Companies

Attending university is one of the most exciting adventures you can embark upon. From falling in love with a particular field of study to making a whole new group of friends, there are so many things to be excited about. For many people, the best bit is moving away from home and having somewhere new to explore! With this also comes moving into student accommodation, which might be a room in halls of residence or in a shared house.

While moving into new accommodation can be extremely fun, the real challenge is fitting your belongings into what’s likely to be a tiny room. If this problem sounds familiar, you may benefit from self-storage solutions. Here, we discuss how self-storage could solve your problems and why every student should consider it.
<h2>Save space in your student accommodation</h2>
As we’ve just touched upon, using self-storage is a great way to save space in your student accommodation. Trying to fit your belongings into just one room can be difficult, especially if you’re used to having a larger room or additional storage space, and you may find your space becoming cramped quite quickly. This can make it difficult to keep clean and tidy, and can also make it challenging for you to concentrate during exam time.

To prevent your student room from becoming overrun with clothes, books and other belongings, consider hiring a self-storage unit. This is a great way to free up a bit of space in your halls of residence or shared home while keeping your possessions nearby, should you need them. This can also give you a helping hand with keeping your room clean and tidy, ready for any landlord inspections or simply to make it a more comfortable place for you to live.
<h2>Store items outside of term time</h2>
Whether you’re worried about leaving your possessions in your student house during your term breaks or your landlord won’t allow you to do this, you’ll need to find somewhere to keep your things safe and secure until you’re back at university. In fact, it’s a common practice for universities to request that students empty their rooms during term breaks so they can be used for summer school participants and conference attendees – but where are you supposed to store your possessions?

In this case, self-storage is the answer! With a self-storage unit, you have somewhere local to temporarily store your items until you return to university. You can rest assured they’ll be kept safe and secure during your departure, so you can enjoy your break without having to worry.
<h2>Minimise the number of trips you have to take</h2>
In the event that you aren’t allowed to keep your belongings in your student accommodation during term breaks, you’ll probably be thinking: what do I do with my things? The other – but less favourable – alternative to self-storage is to drive your belongings back and forth from your student accommodation to your permanent address. Not only does this mean loading your car up, asking someone to pick you up or lugging multiple suitcases onto the train, but it also means filling your home with lots of annoying boxes.

Avoid this and minimise the number of trips you need to take with self-storage solutions! All that will be required is a short drive between your student accommodation and the storage unit, and then you can head home for a well-deserved uni break. If it’s your parents or a close friend doing the driving, they’ll also appreciate you putting measures in place to minimise the time they spend sitting behind the wheel.
<h2>Self-storage companies can keep your valuables secure</h2>
If you’re going away, whether you’re studying abroad for a couple of months or you need to head home as a result of unforeseen circumstances, you may worry about leaving your belongings in your student accommodation. It’s no secret that student accommodation is a target for criminals and thieves, and the last thing you want is for your laptop, television or important documents to get stolen.

To avoid this and keep your belongings safe and secure, put them in self-storage. With 24-hour CCTV footage and sturdy padlocks, self-storage units are designed to keep your belongings safe no matter what. For the ultimate peace of mind, choose a local self-storage company that you can visit quickly and easily should you need your belongings.
<h2>Study abroad without worry</h2>
Planning to study abroad for a few months, or perhaps even a year? This is an opportunity that many students are lucky enough to enjoy, but there are some practicalities to think about before you can embark upon your brand new adventure. One of the most important things to consider is what you’ll do with your belongings. If you’re moving away for one academic term, you may have the option to leave your belongings in your student halls or shared house – though as we’ve mentioned before, this probably isn’t a good idea. However, if you’re heading abroad for a year, you’ll need to find somewhere safe to store your valuables.

For a solution you can rely on, consider putting your belongings in storage. That way, you can keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re away, and return home safe in the knowledge that they’re being looked after. This is a much better alternative to leaving your belongings in your accommodation, as they could be vulnerable to theft and damage, and also means you won’t have to pester your parents to store your belongings for you!
<h2>Store bulky sports equipment</h2>
One of the best parts of going to university is having the chance to get involved with lots of new activities and hobbies. This is a time where you can try your hand at anything you like, and with a huge range of sports clubs on offer, you might decide to get involved in rowing, hockey, tennis or something else that takes your fancy. While this is an exciting time, getting involved in a new sports club begs the question: where should you store your sports equipment? After all, who has the space to cram large racquets, paddles, clubs and helmets into their small student room?

If you’re struggling for space, consider self-storage solutions. By hiring out a storage unit, you’ll have the space to store your sports equipment while keeping it safe from damage and protected against thieves and criminals. You can grab it when you need it, and keep it tucked nicely out of your way when the season ends!
<h2>Don’t forget to hire a removals company!</h2>
In addition to storage solutions, students can also benefit from hiring professional removalists. As a student, you’ll often move from accommodation type to accommodation type, and if you don’t have a car, transporting your belongings can be difficult. After all, you will likely have lots of clothes, books, furniture and other possessions to move from A to B, and loading these into taxis or onto the bus will be stressful and time-consuming.

To make the relocation process much easier for yourself, hire a <a href=””>removals company</a>. A trusted removals firm will have the experience and the resources to transport your belongings from your halls of residence to your shared house or from your university city to your permanent home address. With competitive rates and a team of professionals on hand to lift your heavy items quickly, efficiently and safely, hiring moving services is the obvious choice for students everywhere.
<h2>Arrowpak International: East Anglia’s leading moving company with professional removalists and competitive storage prices</h2>
Whether you’re looking for secure storage solutions or reliable removalists, Arrowpak International is here for you. Based in East Anglia, we’re proud to offer top-quality storage services to customers in the local area and a hassle-free removals service to customers across the world. Whether you’re moving within England or throughout Europe, choose Arrowpak International for BAR-accredited removalists you can trust.

For more information about our range of services, including military relocation, car storage and piano transportation, <a href=””>get in touch</a> with a member of the Arrowpak International team today.

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