Tips For Moving Homes With Pets in the UK

So you’ve gone through the stress of figuring out where to live and moving day is finally approaching. You’ve probably come up a plan for how to get your pets over to the new property, but with so much going on you probably haven’t considered all the things that could stress your pet out. We have come up with a list of helpful tips to ensure your move is friendly to your pets as possible.

Create A Safe Space

Pets respond to our behaviour, so if you’re feeling a bit stressed this is likely to rub off on them. To avoid stressing your pets out unnecessarily, arrange for one room in the house to be a calm room for your pets. Whilst you move the rest of your furniture, create a space filled with your pets bedding and their favourite toys. In the new home create an area that can be your pets space and try to make it as familiar as possible to allow them to settle in faster.

Prepare An Overnight Kit

Think about all of the essentials your pets are going to need, from dog food to kitty litter, grooming tools as well as some important items to calm them down such as treats and their favourite cuddly toys.

Update Their Collar

Ensure your pet’s tag or collar is updated with your new address prior to moving. Many pets may try to return to your old home so if they do wander off, ensure they are not found with the wrong tags!

Have a Friend Look After Pets

To minimise causing stress to pets, have your pets stay with a friend or relative. It can help by having them stay at the home of someone they are familiar with or possibly at kennel they have stayed at before.

Pet Calm Air Freshener

Change and new environments can cause anxiety for pets, if you find that they are really struggling to calm down during the move, consider a pet calming air freshener. Many are suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses and together with a bit of care and attention can help soothe your pets during all of the madness.

There are many other ways you can help minimise your pet’s stress during the move, but we have provided just a short few which we hope will help.

While you take care of your pets during the move, we at Arrowpak can look after the rest. Offering specialist removals for large and expensive items, international removals and even car transportation, we can ensure the smooth transition to your new home.

Get in touch if you require UK removals, international removals, removals for specialist items, wherever you are based in the UK.

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