5 Reasons to Hire Movers When Moving in the East of England

Moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences. But there are things you can do to make things run more smoothly. From getting organised in advanced to making a checklist, you can ensure nothing gets overlooked in the run up to the big move. However, one thing that can really help on the day is to hire a professional firm to carry out your removals. This means that all the heavy lifting can be taken care of, and, you have time to sort out everything else.

Here are some reasons why you should use the professionals when you move to or from the East of England.

1. Those heavy, awkward items can get moved with ease

If you’ve ever attempted to do a self-move, you’ll know that some items are a pain to transport. From bulky wardrobes to pianos, using professional removal services means that the right equipment, whether they are hoists, straps or other kit, are used. The advantages of this include:

  • Less chance of damage to your property
  • Reduced risk of injury from carrying heavy items
  • Not having to buy or rent equipment for the move
  • No need to find tools on the day


2. Letting you focus on other things

Moving day can be a flurry of activity, from having to sign your lease or exchange contracts, to needing to deal with last minute paperwork. Removal companies help take the stress out of the day by dealing with all the organisation and heavy lifting of your property, giving you plenty of time to run errands and sort out the admin tasks associated with moving.

3. Your valuables are covered

While professional movers will avoid damage or loss of your property whenever possible, accidents do happen. And so it’s important to have the right insurance. When you’re looking for house removals & storage, make sure the company you use is fully insured, which will cover your possessions up to a certain amount. If you do the move yourself, your items may not be covered by your contents insurance, so any breakages come out of your pocket.

4. You can save money

It may seem cheaper to hire a van for the weekend and do the move yourself, but there are lots of hidden costs. For example, if you’re moving somewhere like Cambridge, you can end up paying expensive parking costs while you are loading and unloading. Many people only have a licence to drive a small van, so you end up making lots of trips, putting up the cost of petrol. Therefore, hiring movers can work out cheaper.

5. You don’t have to beg for favours

When you hear a friend or family member is moving, you often dread the inevitable call asking if you’ll help them to move. By using a company who specialise in house removals, you can be sure you’ll have enough workers on the day, so no need to ask for favours from loved ones.

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