5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Pet For a House Move

Moving house is a stressful time for humans, but for pets it can be just as difficult. Cats and dogs are especially vulnerable during a move as their life is based around routine and familiarity, but with careful planning you can ease your pet’s transition into their new home.

Gradually move them into one room

Leading up to your moving day, it’s a good idea to gradually move your pets’ belongings into one room. Placing their food bowl, bed and toys in one area will get them used to staying in one room for longer periods of time. This means they’ll feel happier being kept in one place while you unpack the rest of your home.

Clean your new house

Your house’s scent is particularly important for dogs to feel comfortable and secure. If you have a chance before you move in, clean your new home at ‘dog height’ to allow for your own household smells. This will help your dog adapt quicker and put their own mark on the place.


Don’t feed your pet close to travel time. Like humans, pets can also get travel sick which is more likely to happen when they are already feeling anxious. If you already know that your pet doesn’t cope well when travelling, get in touch with your vet who can advise you on how to make the journey more comfortable, or prescribe anti-nausea medication. Pheromone collars or diffusers are also useful for calming your pet, and are more effective the longer you start them before the move.

Update microchips

Ensuring your cat or dog is microchipped will make you feel alot better about bringing them into a new environment. With lots of people coming in and out of your home, there is an increased risk that your pet may sneak out of an open door. If this happens, it’s essential that your contact details are up to date. You could also pass these on to the new homeowners in case your pet decides to revisit your old house.

Introduce them to the new area

It’s always best to prepare early, and taking your pet on a walk through the new area will get them used to the change in routine. If your new home is by a busy main road or other potential risks, this will make your pet aware of the dangers ahead and feel less frightened if they often get nervous.

In order to help your pet settle in, hiring a removal company will mean one less thing to think about. Arrowpak, based in East Anglia, can help with your move all over the UK. Our friendly and efficient team offers an expert service for specialist, home and military removals. Get in touch for a detailed quote or to discuss what we can do for you.

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