Antiques Roadshow’s Most Unusual and Valuable Finds

Antiques Roadshow has been a staple programme for the BBC since 1979, and has spawned similar versions in many other countries, including Canada and the USA. Thousands of unique items have come through the doors to be appraised and valued by the experts, but there are some items which stand out much more than others. From iconic film props, to a jacket worn by a former US President and a criminal Monopoly board, see our list below for just a few of the most unique and valuable items ever brought to the Antiques Roadshow.

John F Kennedy’s Jacket

A leather jacket reportedly owned by one of the most famous presidents in US history was brought to the UK antique experts back in 2015. Dating back to the 1950s, it was valued at an impressive £200,000-£300,000.

A robber’s Monopoly board

In 1963, Ronnie Biggs and his crew carried out what’s infamously known as the Great Train Robbery, stealing £2.6 million from a Royal Mail train travelling from Glasgow to London. While in hiding from the police, they passed the time by playing games of Monopoly using real money, and the original board survived, to be later used as evidence by Thames Valley Police. It was valued at just £100-£200 during its appearance on the Roadshow, with specialist George Archdale believing money shouldn’t be made from a crime.

A rare bear

The tragedy of the Titanic is one of the most famous in history, and in 1912 the acclaimed bear company Steiff created a series of memorial bears to honour the children who lost their lives. Only around 600 bears were made, so when one made an appearance at the Roadshow, it was valued at an impressive £200,000.

The most valuable flower

The most valuable item ever brought in by a member of the public was valued at an astounding £1 million in 2018. Brought in by Colonel Stamford Cartwright, the small gold, diamond and jade flower had been used a centrepiece at formal army events for years, but was found to be made by none other than iconic jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé – making it extremely valuable indeed!

Movie memorabilia

The 1939 film The Wizard of Oz is a family favourite for many, so any props from the film are bound to attract a lot of interest. While not as collectable or valuable as items like the ruby slippers, when two original spears used by the Wicked Witch’s guards were brought to the US show, they were still valued at an impressive $30,000.

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