Carrying out House Removals in the rain

If there’s one thing we are used to in this country, it’s inclement weather. However, when planning your move, it’s probably not something that you think about. Unfortunately you don’t have a choice what the weather will be like, even if you decide to move in mid-July. The best thing you can do is be prepared. Arrowpak, removals specialists in East Anglia are here to help you plan a house move in the rain.

1) Start packing

You really need to begin packing at least two weeks before your planned move date. Any less than this and you’ll be stressed and in a flurry come move day. Regardless of what happens with the weather, having your worldly goods neatly packed away will ease some of the stress. Whilst packing, you can add additional protection such as bubble wrap, stretch wrap, tape or blankets to protect your goods from the elements.

Close all boxes, fill any gaps with spare cloths or newspaper. There is always the option of plastic containers if you’re worried that certain items will get wet, but be aware that they may sweat if left in there too long. See below for more tips:

  • Put stacks of clothes in plastic bags to protect from the rain
  • Wrap furniture in blankets, then with tape, then stretch wrap in case of rain
  • Artwork should be wrapped in stretch wrap
  • Put lots of tape around your cardboard boxes
  • Cover your mattresses in stretch wrap

2) Check the weather forecast a week before

Forewarned is forearmed. Check the weather forecast a week in advance and then every day before the move in case of changes. This will allow you time to make additional arrangements. Compare two websites such as accuweather and BBC weather so you know it is accurate.

3) Take out insurance

Reliable removal companies all offer insurance and it is vital that you are covered in case of inclement weather. The chances of someone slipping whilst carrying out your LCD TV are dramatically increased during bad weather. Insurance may seem expensive, but it’s worth it if anything happens

4) Safety first

There are steps you can take to ensure your own safety and that of your family and the removal services team, look at the following:

  • Place cardboard cut-outs on the ground – These will prevent slipping and also mean that mud won’t be tracked into the house.
  • Wear rain gear and gloves – rubber boots will prevent you slipping, gloves will help with your grip and a raincoat will keep you dry.
  • Wait and see if it’s rain or there’s a storm coming – it is dangerous to move metal items during a thunderstorm so wait for a storm to pass, even if it makes you late.
  • Drive carefully – Consider the state of the road, heavy rain slows everything down. Drive with care and caution.

If you’re planning a move in the East Anglia area, Arrowpak International will do the heavy lifting for you. Simply FREE PHONE 0800 136 332 or email Our team are experienced in house removals & storage whatever the weather.

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