Countdown to Your East Anglia Move: How to Get Organised

Moving to a new house ranks up there with life’s most stressful experiences, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as people think. As with many things in life, proper organisation is key, ensuring that on the big day everything is in place. From organising removals to getting your utilities switched to the new address, there’s a lot to do, but if you put a plan in place then you make things easier for yourself. Here are some things that need to be done when counting down to the moving day.

Hire the movers

It’s important to hire your movers as soon as you have a rough date for your move. Professional removal services make your life so much easier and means you can prevent injury from moving heavy items, as well as preventing damage to your property. Booking your movers ensures you get the date you want, and ensures that they:

  • Have the right size vehicle for the move
  • Can bring any specialist equipment
  • Give you an accurate quote
  • Allocate enough time to disassemble bulky furniture

If you’re moving overseas, or planning a short-term move, you might also want to look into options such as storage for non-essential items. Look for a firm who offer both house removals & storage, moving your essentials, and putting everything else in storage in East Anglia, securely put away for when you return.

Notify companies and people

From your landlord to your utility firm, there are many companies and people you’ll need to notify before you move. Look over your bills for the last month and make a list of everyone who will need to know about the change of address. It’s often easiest to simply call them up and sort out the change, especially if you want to use the providers at the other end. Forwarding your mail is also a good idea, ensuring that you don’t miss anything out.

Start packing

It’s never too early to pack books, out of season clothing, and seldom used items. If you have delicate items such as fine art or antiques, you might want to leave it up to removal companies to pack these specialist items to avoid damage. As it gets closer to the big day, you can pack more and more items, until you’re left with the bare essentials to pack on the morning of the move.

Reconfirm details

A couple of days before the move, it’s worth speaking to your removal company about the big day. This will allow you to confirm the time they’ll show up, and the plan for the process. House removals need to be planned carefully to ensure they go smoothly and efficiently, so make sure you know what’ll happen on the moving day.

Wherever you’re moving in the UK, or even overseas, Arrowpak International take the stress out of the experience. Simply call 0800 136 332 or to start arranging your move, and let our experts help you with the process.

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