Do Removal Services Have to Break The Bank?

Simply put, no. Although moving house will cost some money, it doesn’t need to be a constant burning hole in your pocket. In fact, there are a variety of ways you can save costs throughout your house move, and still get a dependable and efficient removal company. Most of this requires being thoughtful in your approach and planning ahead, as this is the best way to keep on top of finances and not incur any extra and unecessary costs.

However, despite how cheap you want the whole process to be, you shouldn’t sacrifice choosing reputable house movers. Professional removal services will have years of experience and expertise, be affiliated with BAR (The British Association of Removers), have plenty of positive testimonials underneath their belt and will provide a personalised service putting them a cut above the rest. Here at Arrowpak, we do just that. However, we understand that moving house can be incredibly stressful, and one of the main contributors to this is that moving home can cost a pretty penny. So, we have collated together a blog post that can help you save money on your house move, from collecting a range of moving house quotes to batch cooking in the last few weeks before you move. Read on to find out more.

Top Tips on Saving Money From House Movers

It is no secret that moving house can incur plenty of expenses. From the initial purchasing of the house to letting agent and conveyancing fees, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know which parts to try and save money on. Though it can be tempting to just bury your head into the sand  – actually confronting your financial situation and being realistic about how much everything costs will help make the process much easier to process and handle overall. Feeling like you are on top of your finances will help ease any monetary anxieties and concerns.

Collect removal quotes

You have decided to purchase your dream house, but now you need to address how you are going to move all of your furniture and belongings from A to B. Enlisting the services of professional house movers is key. Though it would be tempting to just hire a van yourself, we strongly suggest not doing this as professional removal services ensure that you have all of your items safely transported, and they are specially trained to handle and move heavy furniture. What’s more, professional removal services will offer insurance as standard, meaning that if any items did get lost or damaged, you won’t be liable. We take a closer look at this further on in the blog.

Yet, in order to find a professional removal company, and to save some money along the way, we suggest sourcing a variety of removal quotes. Keep an official document of all of these quotes, whether on your computer or in a notebook so you can easily compare these. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any special deals or included added extras that you can have when you do move house. Though it may be tempting to go for the cheapest removal quote, bear in mind that this could be reflective of their service. Yet, if you are adamant about saving cash, then inquire for testimonials and any accreditations and certificates they have. If they aren’t forthcoming with this, then it is likely that you should look elsewhere as the safety of your personal items could be compromised.

Collect solicitor fees

Similarly to sourcing moving house quotes, we also recommend collecting a range of solicitor and conveyancing fees too. A range of related moving quotes, like solicitor fees, estate agent fees, and storage unit fees will help you effectively calculate costs and choose the best services to suit your needs and budget.

Source your own packing materials

Many house movers and moving services may offer packing materials at an added cost or included within their removal quote. Therefore, finding your own packing materials is a great way to save money, and, if you find the right materials, have an eco-friendly house move. Simply being conscientious and putting aside any cardboard boxes you have collected throughout your time in your old property can help. Yet, you can also buy these cheaply from many wholesale stationery providers. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask family and friends if they have any you could borrow to help pack your items.

Finely tune packing skills

Once you have sourced the basic packaging materials, there are many ways you can save money simply through honing your talents in packing itself. Many professional removal companies will offer a range of van sizes, and their costs may change depending on how much space you require in the van itself. Simply being thoughtful and packing smaller can help you save space in the van, and, in turn, help you save money.

For instance, use duvets and soft furnishings to help cushion delicate items like glasses, crockery and technology. Not only will this save space, but it will also be an eco-friendly approach as you aren’t purchasing single-use plastic packaging or bubble wrap. What’s more, using suitcases and handbags is a great way to transport both clothing and smaller items like toiletries.

Methods like rolling clothes and using vacuum packing bags are a great way to shrink bulky items like pillows, curtains, duvets and towels. These can then be stacked and fitted into one cardboard box.

Sell unwanted furniture

One of the best ways to maximise space in your removal van and earn some extra cash is to sell  any unwanted furniture. For instance, if you no longer need bed frames, awkwardly shaped bookcases or a tired old sofa, then these can be easily sold on online marketplaces. You can maximise their selling ability by cleaning them, repairing them or giving them a new lick of paint. Or, if they are not selling, simply donate them to your local charity shop or furniture charities as they will go towards homes that need them.

Cook up all leftover food

Many families waste precious pennies on food from overbuying and purchasing expensive ingredients that you don’t regularly need. Though we understand that it can be tempting to buy smoked salmon once for your Sunday avocado on toast, this can go off easily. So, make sure in your final weeks of living in your home that you batch cook easy and affordable meals that can feed the whole family. Simple dishes can include aubergine and chickpea curry, pasta bakes, cottage pies, lasagnas, bolognese and other dishes.

Get your family and friends to help

Another way to save money is to get your friends and family to offer a helping hand – whether that is packing up items with you, looking after your children or offering an extra set of hands and vehicle on the day of the move. This will not only help streamline the overall process of moving, but it can help you save money as you will need fewer removalists and a smaller van.

Why you should use a professional removals company

Now that we have outlined the various ways that you can save some extra pennies when moving house, one of the costs you should avoid scrimping on is choosing a professional removal company. This is because a professional removal company can offer the following:

Stress-Free Service

No one wants their move to be traumatic and stressful which is why hiring a professional removal company can help ease the process altogether. From doing all of the man-handling to even helping you pack (if you desire), their services are designed for allowing you to focus on other parts of your move like looking after your family and the exchanging of keys.


As previously mentioned, a professional moving service will offer insurance that covers any lost or damaged items. This is an accepted industry standard, and, if they are an affiliated BAR member, this means that their services have been examined by experts and they perform to high standards.


If you own a piano, antiques and art – then moving them yourself improperly can cause physical damage to both the pieces and you – which could be expensive and potentially irreparable. Professional house movers have the required training needed to lift and transport heavy and specialist items, reducing your need to visit a physio!

Familiar with local area

If you are moving to a rural area that you have no prior knowledge of, then it may be easy to get lost on a country road with no signal – which can be a nightmare. Choosing a regional moving service will prevent this from happening as they will most likely have sound knowledge of the local area. What’s more, they can give you extra tips on good restaurants, takeaways and pubs to visit, schools to enrol your children in and any local events that get you involved in your new area.

Arrowpak: Removal Services in East Anglia

Here at Arrowpak, we pride ourselves on offering stellar removal services for local, national and international moves. Whether you are relocating from Scotland to Norfolk, or you have accepted a job in Italy, our team can help you get your personal items from A to B.

Our dedicated team can help move bulky, awkward and fine furniture – so you can be assured that your items are in safe and capable hands. We are trained in moving art, antiques and pianos alongside our standard service of sofas, beds and kitchen appliances.

What’s more, Arrowpak has a range of affiliations and accreditations including BAR and Which? Trusted Trader. So, if you organise your house move with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that we work to the highest governmental and industry standards. To find out more about us, or to receive a removal quote – simply contact us today.

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