Five Essential Packing Tips To Help With Your House Move

Getting ready for a house move? As exciting as moving to a new home can be, no one really looks forward to the time-consuming packing process! Luckily, we’ve listed down our five favourite packing tips to help make this stressful process just a little bit easier:

1.  Pack a bag with all your essentials for the first week

Although most people pack an overnight bag with all the things they’ll need for the first night they move into a new home, this often isn’t enough. It’s unlikely that you’ll get through much of your unpacking in the first week, so we’d recommend packing a week’s worth of clothes into a small suitcase. It saves you the trouble of having to sift through all the cartons, at least for a little while.

2.  Wrap cling film around any chests of drawers

There’s no need to take all your belongings out of drawers to pack them separately. You’d simply have to place them in again once you get to your new home. Wrap lots of cling film around any chests of drawers (tightly) and your removalists will be able to transport them to your new house as they are.

3.  Transport heavier items in wheeled suitcases

Save yourselves the serious muscle ache caused by lugging heavy cartons and pack heavier items in suitcases with wheels. For instance, books and heavier kitchen items could be stored in a larger suitcase and wheeled over with a lot more ease.

4.  Cut triangles into cardboard boxes to create handles

Let’s face it, cardboard boxes aren’t the easiest to manoeuvre. Make things a little easier by cutting small triangles into the sides and use these as handles to carry your cartons.

5.  Use garbage bags to transport hanging clothes

Folding and packing all your clothes can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in the moving process. Skip the folding for hanging clothes and cover them up with big black garbage bags while they’re still on the hangers. This way, you can move them to your new home without getting them dirty and hang them up straight away.


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