Five Reasons to Move to Finland

Many of us have dreamed of uprooting our lives and moving somewhere more exotic, whether it’s somewhere on the other side of the world like Australia, or a cosmopolitan European capital.

One excellent contender to consider however, is Finland. Consistently toppings lists measuring the happiest countries to live in, this northern European nation has plenty to offer, and it’s easy to see why it features on such lists time and time again.

From the bustling capital of Helsinki, to free education, beautiful landscapes and one of the safest places to live, see below for just five reasons you should consider moving to Finland.

Amazing landscapes

Finland has more forests than any other European country, and a staggering 70% of the land is covered by trees and greenery. There are also a whopping 188,000 lakes, and the water is some of the cleanest around. If cities are more your scene, head to the capital city of Helsinki for plenty of stunning Neoclassical architecture.

A creative food scene

It may not have cemented its place on the map (yet) in the same way as Paris, Rome or London, but Finland has a vibrant and creative food scene that’s perfect for foodies. There are several Michelin star restaurants in Helsinki, as well as bustling food markets, amazing local seafood and several Restaurant Days, when anyone in Finland is eligible to set up their own restaurant.

It’s very safe

Finland was named the safest country in the world in 2017, and crime is practically non existent in the rural areas. Like any other capital, Helsinki has its share of petty theft around busy touristy areas, but violent crime is rare, so just be vigilant about your belongings as you would be in any other busy city.

An excellent education system

Finland is known for its excellent education system, and unlike many other countries, there are no tuition fees for higher education. Most schools are small and there’s much less focus on standardized testing; plus free school meals, easy access to healthcare, and psychological counselling for any students who want it.

A great place to raise children

As well as the great education system, there are also excellent benefits for new parents. Maternity leave is up to an impressive 105 weeks, and fathers are also entitled to 54 weeks paternity leave.

In most cities, a parent travelling on public transport with a buggy gets to ride free of charge, and creches and preschools are free too.

If you’re thinking about moving to Finland, or anywhere else in Europe, get in touch with Arrowpak International. We understand that moving abroad can be daunting, but we have everything you need to make the relocation as smooth as possible; from expertly packing your fragile goods, to arranging transport for cars, pets and all your belongings. For more information about our removal services, give us a call today or visit our website.

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