How to pack fragile items for moving

Along with the happiness and excitement of moving to a new place, the necessary evil of packing and organising all your belongings while getting them ready to be shifted to their new home is an unwelcome burden. Packing is a tedious and painstaking task that requires you to find space for all your goods and minimise them to the smallest possible size for transporting to your new location – all the while hoping that they won’t be subject to damage or loss en route.

Though many of our belongings survive, sometimes it is the fragile and expensive items that bear the brunt of house removals. Insurance helps, but quite often these fragile items hold great sentimental and emotional value – so you the loss feels much greater.

These terrible feelings can be worse when you don’t pack your things yourself – and that’s why it is so important to select the right provider from all of the available removals companies to aid you during the process. Efficient and responsible removal companies take most of the load off your back by using the correct packing and removal techniques.

Golden rules of packing

Given how stressful and time-consuming packing can be, at Arrowpack we have made a list to help you pack your household goods and valuables:

  • Stock up on your packing supplies
    • boxes of all sizes
    • packing tape
    • bubble wrap and blankets
    • stretch wrap
    • packing paper and blankets
  • Organise clutter and belongings, and strategically pack them into labelled boxes, so that you don’t have to rummage around for things when unpacking
  • Make sure you do not exceed the weight limit of 30 pounds per box – unless you want to risk the box tearing open or putting your back out. Also use double-walled boxes for heavier items
  • Use old newspapers or rags to fill in the spaces between your things to keep them in place
  • Place small packages inside a larger outer box to act as double-protection

How to pack fragile items

Packing things that are not fragile can seem a lot easier and quicker than fragile items. Though this may be the case, with fragile items, you need to ensure that they are safely packed to withstand impact. Here’s how you can do that:

  • The key to packing fragile items is to cushion the box and its edges and corners with packing paper or cloth to prevent any damage
  • Always organise fragile items of different categories, such as glasses, plates, cups or lamps into different boxes so that they don’t end up clattering against each other in transit
  • Always wrap the item completely in packing paper or bubble wrap, or tape it so that you can place them one on top of other, and save the boxes for other things. Find a comfortable position, either vertically or horizontally, in which the object can rest without moving around too much
  • Fill the gaps between the items with soft cloths, blankets or cotton wool
  • Most importantly, remember to label the box FRAGILE – in big bold red letters!

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