I’m Moving in East Anglia, What Do I Need to Do First?

So, you’ve finally found the perfect house, put in the offer or your rental application, and it has been approved. Congratulations! Unfortunately, once the initial excitement of the move is over, there can often be a sense of dread. Moving means there are a lot of things to be organised, and it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to work out what to do first.

Here’s a guide to the things you need to sort out when you are planning a big move.

Hire a mover

There are number of reasons why you should use a professional to help you move home. Using a company who provide removal services means you don’t have to deal with all the heavy lifting and can be sure that the right size van and the right number of movers turn up on the day. Hiring a mover should be one of the first things you do when you have a moving date, as this will ensure there is availability and that you have time to get a quote.

Notify the right people

Changing your address is important to avoid the wrong people getting their hands on your mail. Once you’ve planned your removals, write a template letter for your change of address, or log into your online accounts to update your details. The list of people to notify will include:

  • Friends and family
  • Bank and credit companies
  • Utility companies
  • HMRC (if you’re self-employed)
  • Insurance companies

It’s also worth setting up mail re-direction, at least for a couple of months, just in case you’ve missed anything or forgotten someone.

Get packing materials together

As soon as you know you’re moving, start getting boxes and packing materials together. Some shops give out free boxes, although they’re not always great quality, so you might want to consider buying some sturdier boxes for moving. Some removal companies offer a packing service which makes life so much easier. It means that all materials are brought along to do the job, so you can just sit back with a cup of tea while the packing is done.


The less stuff you have to move, the easier the process will be, so why not use this opportunity to have a clear-out? Many charity shops in Bury St. Edmunds, Thetford and beyond are often looking for donations, so you can do a good thing for the local community too. If you’re downsizing, you might want to look for house removals & storage, so the items that you don’t use every day can be safely and securely stored while you’re away.

Give your house a deep clean

Nobody wants to move into a dirty house that’s full of junk, and if you’re moving from a rental home you may lose your deposit if the house isn’t back into its former condition. Make sure the movers clear out any leftover possessions, and hire a cleaner if you won’t have time to do it yourself.

Contact Arrowpak

If you’re planning a move in East Anglia or beyond, all the removals can be taken care of by Arrowpak. Simply call us 01842 812 165, or e-mail sales@arrowpak.co.uk and we’ll arrange for packing, removals, and more.


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