Office Removals Made Easier – Top Tips For Your Relocation

When planning an office removal, the best thing you can do is plan well in advance. If you do this, you can save time, money and a lot of hassle come the time when you actually move. Are there procedures in place for your staff to follow? Will everything be easily accessed on the other end? The last thing you need is half your staff looking for something in the new office, only to find that it’s been left behind in the old space. The primary thing is to make sure that your business is affected as little as possible, even though it may be a huge undertaking.

Arrowpak International has 40 years experience in removal services and we have laid out 5 tips that will help you with your office removal.

1. Plan, even more than you planned

Planning really is the best way to make everything happen in an efficient manner. Create a floor plan, a seating chart, and label things in advance. Whatever it takes to cause the minimum disruption. Have a member of your team liaising with the movers throughout the relocation. They can direct people where they need to be without having everyone wandering around getting in the way.

2. Be sure to get an estimate onsite

Whichever removal companies you contact regarding your move, they need to come and have a look at the space and discover which pieces you are moving and which you are not. It is advisable that they carry out a detailed onsite inventory survey so that you can get an accurate quote.

If there are any specialist or larger items that need special care (such as your server) then you can discuss this during your survey. Estimating it yourself may mean that you are way off. Removal companies have done this any number of times and by doing a walk-through they can accurately decide on the manpower and equipment required for the job to be completed. This will mean that your final bill won’t come as a huge, unwanted surprise.

3. Listen to office removals experts

Sure, you may know someone who has undergone an office move, you may even have appointed a project manager on your own team to oversee the process. However, do pay attention to the advice of the removal company. At the end of the day, their suggestions are to make the move as efficient as possible. They may tell you that some cabinets can be moved without emptying them. Other items may need to be completely emptied so as not to damage them in transit. They will tell you which items need a different approach or more manpower. They aren’t trying to add to your bill – they are trying to make it as painless as possible.

4. Do a clear out beforehand

The fewer things you have to move, the faster and cheaper it will be, it’s that simple. So, make sure that cluttered storage room is decluttered beforehand, throw out or donate things you don’t need. Get the shredders in for all that old paperwork rather than dragging it to the new place. Decide on what printers and computers are going, and what is likely to be upgraded.

5. Efficiency is key

There are tools that make the process easier. Take advantage of these. For example, dismantling larger items may be necessary as they take up so much space during the move (thus preventing other items to be added) or may not fit easily through doorways. Removal companies have a number of innovative ways to make the process easier, so as long as they are accredited, you can trust them.

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