Stress-free moving with pets

Moving home can be a stressful process. From packing and organising to getting settled into a new community- there’s a lot to think about when it comes to moving somewhere new. Humans aren’t the only ones that experience this stress- our pets can too! It can be a confusing time for your cat, dog or rabbit to get used to a new environment. Getting organised prior to moving is key to making the move as stress-free as possible for your furry friend. Here are some tips for moving house with pets:


If your pet often gets anxious or stressed, consider taking them to a kennel, cattery or friend’s house while you make the move.

If you prefer to have them with you on the day you move, it’s a good idea to have your pet settled in one room whilst you get everything packed away. This way they’ll be safe and secure and won’t be wandering around while your moving team are passing heavy objects through the house. Get a member of your family to check on them periodically to make sure they’re okay – they might find the house a little noisy when everything is getting moved.

Prior to your move, gradually encourage them to start eating and playing in the room you intend for them to stay in on the move day. This way, they will be happy and comfortable there when it comes to it. Don’t forget, feeding them just before the move could make them travel sick, so consider taking their food away a couple of hours before leaving.

Be sure to also check that your pet is micro-chipped and given a collar with your new address on it so that they can be reunited with you if they happen to run off during your move. You might want to also think about registering with your new local vet prior to moving to save time and hassle when you get there.

When you move

Moving day can be stressful, but make sure to give your pet the attention and love it deserves whilst you unpack and get settled into your new home.

Just like before you moved home, putting your pet in their own room whilst you unpack all the heavy furniture is a good idea so that they don’t get in the way of the movers. Make sure to give your pet the blankets and toys that they love, or even a jumper that smells of you so that they have something familiar nearby.

Put your dog on a leash before letting them wander around the new house, and be careful if they’re exploring outside unsupervised unless it’s completely secure. You’ll want to keep an eye on them for the first few days or even weeks until they get used to their new surroundings.

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