The Best Countries To Move To In Your Twenties

Being in your twenties can be for many a time of confusion. Confronted with independence, it can be stressful not knowing what career path to take, whether they should be in a serious relationship, and having to get to grips with bills, council tax, rent, and mortgages. Yet this can also be a defining moment in their lives, as they figure out who they are, find their sense of style and, most importantly, have lots of fun.

So, with this in mind, many young adults in their twenties decide to up sticks and move to somewhere new, and not just a new city – a new country altogether. If you are considering this, but don’t know where to start, we have compiled together some of the best countries in the world to move to when you are in the prime of life.

Australia and New Zealand

If you are thinking of moving abroad, why not go the whole hog and go down under? Australia and New Zealand are the perfect choices for any young adult adventure. Offering year long working visas, stunning landscapes, incredible beaches and beautiful wildlife, we can see why this is a firm favourite for any twenty-something.


Canada, America’s sister, is fast becoming an exciting place to move to, simply because it has many similarities to the UK, like free healthcare. Yet, it is larger and has none of the classic British grumpiness that we all inhabit from time to time. Toronto has an exciting sprawling nightlife with a dynamic metropolis of skyscrapers. Vancouver and Montreal are also amazing cities too – with plenty of lush greenery, lakes, and vibrant culture.

Scandinavian Countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Each of these countries has their own distinct identity, however, collectively, they are an exciting place to venture to when you are trying to figure things out. Scandinavian countries boast a refined eco-friendly way to live – so it is ideal for those who want to lessen their environmental impact. Plus, it boasts some of the worlds most stunning scenery with tranquil lakes, jagged mountains and enchanting verdant forests. Scandinavian countries also top the world index lists for quality of life and human development.


Bali is one of this generation’s favourite places to venture to whilst travelling around South East Asia – and we can see why; why else wouldn’t you want to permanently live in swimwear and flip flops? With scenic beaches and tropical weather, you can easily feel like you are living an island life with no cares or worries! Plus, as it is so affordable to live out there, many international companies are relocating – becoming a hub for freelance writers and creatives.

Here at Arrowpak, we can go on and on about the different countries you can move to in your twenties, and this blog has only just touched the surface! If you are looking to move abroad, but you don’t know how to transport all of your belongings – we can help you with every stage of your international move. Simply contact us today to find out more.

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