The Happiest Countries to Live In

Many of us have dreamed of packing up our lives and moving to somewhere warmer or with a slower pace of life, and there’s a wealth of amazing countries to choose from, from European destinations to corners on the other side of the world. Happiness is of course subjective, but there is data and evidence to indicate that certain countries tend to have a better quality of life than others, and therefore happier residents. From factors such as the weather to options for family leave, see our list below for some of the happiest countries to live in around the world.


Ranked as the happiest place to live in by Forbes in 2016, this Scandanavian country is still a regular on top ten lists. Denmark has an excellent life expectancy, and one of the smallest wealth gaps in the world. Residents also benefit from a fantastic welfare system, which ensures free health care, child care, elderly care and education for all residents .


Finland holds the top spot in Forbes’ list of happiest countries for 2019, and it’s easy to see why. Boasting free, high quality education, high employment rates and salaries, and low levels of pollution, Finland has a lot to offer. The country is also considered a very safe place to live, and its stunning landscapes contain lush forests, mountains and crystal clear lakes.

New Zealand

If you fancy somewhere further afield, New Zealand offers spectacular scenery, fantastic weather and a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. There’s also a strong skilled job market available for expats, and with 10% more land mass than the UK for less than 10% of the population, there’s plenty of room to explore thanks to the low population density.


The world’s second biggest country has plenty to make its residents smile, including a low crime rate, excellent life expectancy and universal healthcare. Despite its size, the population remains relatively small, so like in New Zealand, there’s plenty of room to explore the lush landscapes. There’s plenty of natural beauty to choose from, including mountains, lakes, forests, rolling plains and bright blue lakes.


Back to Scandinavia now (a region consistently found on these types of lists), to Sweden, a country with a high quality of life, state sponsored healthcare and education, and a generous amount of annual holiday leave. Parental leave is enviable too, with 480 days of paid time which parents can divide between them as they choose.

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