Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

Each year, thousands of people move to Australia. Whether it’s to enjoy the laid back Aussie lifestyle, the beautiful weather and stunning beaches, or for a brand new job, there are many reasons why people flock Down Under. If you are making the big move over to Australia, we’ve got some top moving tips to share with you below.

Organise your documents before you move

Unless you are an Australian citizen, you must apply for a visa before leaving your country of origin, and therefore this should be the first thing on your to-do list before moving. Put all of your important paperwork into a travel file so that you can easily access it.

Jaywalking is a crime

In Australia, crossing the road simply when you feel like it is actually a crime – you’re looking at a fine of $70. Make sure that you always use a designated crossing point, such as a zebra or pelican crossing, to cross the road.

Australia is very, very big

Australia is about the size of Europe – yes, the whole of Europe. Many people do not actually realise how big Australia is until they move there. If you’re planning on doing some travelling or you want to embark on a few road trips while you’re there, it’s worth considering that travelling around the country can take a very long time.

It gets cold, too

When you think of Australia, images of beautiful beaches, blue skies and barbecues galore may spring to mind. Many people forget, however, that Australia does get cold during winter too! In fact, depending on where you are, temperatures can feel pretty chilly. Remember to pack some warm clothes, as well as rain gear, for the winter months.

Make the most of barbecues

In Australia, you’ll find many free barbecue stations dotted across the country. There so many of them, in fact, it’s almost rude not to have one. Barbecue culture is a big thing in Australia, so be sure to get stuck right in.

It can be pricey

When you first move to Australia, you may be a little stunned by the prices. You’ll be very lucky to find a place that sells pints for under $10 outside of the big cities. However, your pay will reflect the high cost of living – so, overall, it works out evenly.

There is universal healthcare

Healthcare is free in Australia as long as you have permanent residency (paid for through 2% tax of their income). Australia also has agreements with other countries, such as the UK and New Zealand, meaning that temporary visitors have access to Medicare too.

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