Three Things To Consider When Moving Your Furniture Abroad

Moving abroad is a big life change and requires a serious amount of planning. One of the most complicated parts of your move is arranging for your furniture to be shipped, and the last thing you want is to lose one of your items along the way. Whether you transport your goods by air or by ship, it’s always best to get an expert team involved to ensure the whole process is stress-free. To help kickstart your move, here are three important things to consider when sorting out your furniture.

Leaving things behind

It’s easy to get attached to items you’ve had for years, like your granny’s old dresser or a piece that just brings you that little bit of comfort. There’s no harm in hanging on to the things you love but it’s important to think practically when moving house, especially overseas. Now’s your chance to have a proper clear out, and replace old items with something new. Make sure you begin sorting through your items with plenty of time to spare: you’ll definitely have accumulated more than you think. Selling or donating your items can also be a great way to save money which can be used to towards new furniture. Plus, the cost of shipping and customs can be pretty expensive: a major contributor being the weight of your boxes and the end destination. It’s a good idea to consider whether repurchasing some items in your new location will be more cost-effective.

New climate

Are your furniture and household items appropriate for your new climate? Having a dark coloured velvet sofa in 40 degree heat might not be the best idea. In warmer climates it’s best to go for lighter coloured sofas or you’ll be sitting on a suntrap. Not only will they reflect light away, but you are less likely to be faced with discolouration. If the condition of your furniture isn’t the best, perhaps leaving this behind is the best option. A distinct change in weather can affect the longevity and appearance of certain goods, with some items swelling and warping in hot temperatures.

Packing your furniture correctly

Making sure your items are packed correctly is even more important when moving abroad: everything should be organised with care and thought. Don’t skimp on cheap boxes to store your belongings. You should use good quality materials to prevent any breakages when in transit, and to prevent any additional costs of replacing furniture. If you’re unsure of what to use, hire a professional moving company who will have the experience and expertise on how to correctly store your goods. For valuable pieces a removal specialist will be able to make a bespoke crate, or use a particular type of material to keep them safe.

If you need some expert help with your local, national or international move, Arrowpak is the place to go. We can assist with moves of all sizes throughout the UK, with additional help with customs, paperwork and the transportation of valuable items such as pianos and fine art.

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