Tips for Decluttering Before a House Move

Moving house is the perfect opportunity to have a big clearout and to get rid of any items that you do not need or want to bring to your new home. Packing up all of your belongings to move can be a lengthy process, however, it is also a great chance to filter through everything and finally say goodbye to those items that are cluttering your home and not being used.

Moving house is a brand new start. Not only will having a big clear out before moving lighten your load and make transporting your belongings that little bit easier, but it also ensures that you’re not carrying unnecessary clutter into your new life. Read on for our top tips on decluttering before moving house.

Start as soon as possible

Even if you’re not due to move house for another six months, it is never too early to start decluttering. Simply setting aside 10 minutes a day or even an hour every week can make all the difference and greatly reduce your stress when it comes to packing up before the big day. Tackle one room at a time rather than the entire house and always keep your new home in mind to motivate you.

Be ruthless

We know, parting with items can be difficult. When throwing anything out, many of us often think ‘but what if I need it in the future?’. The truth is, however, if you haven’t used it in the last year, are you really ever going to use it? As a general rule, try to discard of anything that you have not used within the past year. It is important that you are selective when decluttering and only take items that are either useful or sentimental.

Use the four boxes method

The four boxes method is one of the most popular methods for decluttering. Simply grab four boxes and label them “Keep”, “Sell/Donate”, “Storage” and “Bin”. As you declutter each room in your house, use these four boxes to sort items accordingly. Remember, when deciding whether or not to keep something, you should always ask yourself these three important questions:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Why do I need it and why have I kept it?
  • Is there any real benefit from me keeping it?

Resist buying more

In the run-up to your house move, try to refrain from buying any new items and bringing them into your home. Sure, there might be a good deal at your local bookshop or reduced prices on toiletries at the supermarket, but it really is just more to move on the big day. Instead, wait until you have moved to buy more – even then, ask yourself if you really need it to avoid cluttering your new home.

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