Tips for unpacking after a move

There’s always lots of advice on how to pack before a move, but what about when you arrive at your new house?

Here are our top tips for unpacking to help you start to settle into your new home once all of your belongings arrive.

Start with cleaning

Once you’ve got all of your possessions moved into your new home, it’s time to start cleaning. Your new home might look dust-free, but giving each room a deep clean before unpacking your items will make it look and feel even better. Be sure to keep a set of cleaning essentials aside for easy access when you arrive at the property, and go around the house room-by-room giving it a once over with a vacuum cleaner, mop and anti-bacterial spray.

Unpack the essentials

Cleaning the whole house might be time-consuming, so it’s a good idea to unpack the essentials before anything else so you have a supply of food, clothing and bedding to start.

Prior to moving, put together a box of these essentials and label it clearly so that you can find and unpack it without hassle.

Once you’re ready to start unpacking fully- get started on rooms by order of importance.

The kitchen and bathroom are great places to start as they’re frequently used communal areas.

Arrange furniture and appliances

Usually, your movers will help by placing bulky furniture in the place you’d like it, so there might be no need to rearrange the furniture- but it will give you an opportunity to think about where appliances can go, such as kettles, toasters and televisions. This is also a good time to put up curtains and lay down any rugs you have.

Unpack clothing

Unpacking clothing is a time-consuming process, especially if you’ve got a lot of items.

If you didn’t get a chance to organise your clothing before moving house, now is the prime opportunity. Organise your clothing into sections; what to keep, what to throw away and what to give to charity or to sell. In the long term, you’ll give yourself a lot more space if you organise your clothing before unpacking everything into your closet and make space for some new belongings.

Time for decorations

Your new house truly becomes a home when you put your own stamp on it. Adding your own wall photos, posters, clocks, ornaments and books will make your rooms look and feel homely.

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