You Should Hire a Professional Removals Company for Your UK Move

Death, moving, divorce. The three most stressful things in life.

Moving house is a very stressful time – whether it’s your one-bed apartment in Cambridge or your four-bedroom house in Suffolk. You need to move all of your prized possessions from one place to another, making sure that everything is suitably packed for the journey, and that you can also find it on the other end. Although it presents a headache, many people are tempted to do it all themselves – but there are a number of reasons that you should hire professional removal companies to handle the procedure for you.

1. Make things easier on yourself

The main reason is that it will help reduce your stress levels.

There’s already a lot to organise with cancelling the utilities in one property and arranging for them to be working in another, the paperwork that needs to be handed over if you’re buying, selling or renting a property in the UK, never mind packing up each item lovingly. Even the most basic house removals can be made easier with the help of skilled professionals to pack and label boxes, not to mention they’ll be a lot quicker than you!

2. Speed up the process

If you’re packing up your home, ideally you’d like to have everything in boxes where you can find them later, and this can prove painstaking and time-consuming. Professional removal companies have this down to a fine art, everything is wrapped quickly, but with care, and labelled by room and detail, so the process is altogether more efficient and smooth. You’ll be surprised how quickly they can pack up a kitchen, with all that wrapping and rolling for plates, cups and glasses!

3. The benefit of professional knowledge

Another benefit you get from hiring professionals to handle your house removal, is the access to their tools, equipment and knowledge. House removals and storage companies in East Anglia have vehicles designed specifically to accommodate furniture and boxes, so you don’t have to push things in where they don’t fit. They’ll also bring tools to dismantle larger items, trolleys, and boxes in a variety of sizes to hold all your odd-shaped bits and pieces. They are also experienced at handling household goods, so your goods will be carried and transported in a safe and secure manner.

4. Insurance

If you pack your goods yourself and anything gets broken in the process of the move, an insurance company won’t want to know about it. However, professional removal companies often offer their own insurance policies so if a road accident happens or anything else, you’ll be covered if anything gets damaged in any way.

It’s important to remember that whatever price you’re paying, it’s worth it in time, money and effort, simply to ease your mind. If you’re planning a move in the East Anglia area, contact Arrowpak International on FREE PHONE 0800 136 332 or by emailing

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